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Most of us are used to seeing traffic lights above eye level. Whether we are driving, biking, or walking, traffic signals help us know when to stop and when it is safe to proceed.

Crossing signs that flash “WALK” and “DON’T WALK” are placed at intersections to tell pedestrians when it is safe to cross a busy intersection on foot and prevent pedestrians from being struck by motorists.

Pedestrians may become impatient and attempt to cross against the light if they have to wait too long for a WALK sign. In addition, some signals do now allow enough time for pedestrians to cross an intersection safely.

The prevalence of people talking on cells phones is posing a new distraction however. Pedestrians who are talking on the phone or sending text messages are typically staring at their phones rather than looking for traffic signals. They are often too distracted, leading to an increase in pedestrian texting accidents.

The connection between cellphone use and pedestrian accidents is clear.

To combat the problem, two cities in Germany are trying an innovative approach: installing traffic lights in the ground.

The German city of Augsburg installed traffic lights in the sidewalk that face up at pedestrians to create a whole new level of attention.

New Jersey lawmakers have even proposed legislation that would ban distracted walking, fining those who use their cellphones while walking $50.

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