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 FdmHtmBgn  Scientists Reveal 15 Little Habits That Can Lead To A Happier Life  FdmHtmEgn  [复制链接]

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Humans have the awesome ability to boost 1  their mood 2  with little daily actions, but many people don’t know which actions actually make them happy.

1) boost:n.提高;推动;v.举;推动

2) mood:n.心情,情绪,心地,兴致

  Instead of simply wishing for happiness, make yourself happier today.

Check out 15 scientifically 1  proven ways to make yourself happier here.

1) scientifically:ad.合乎科学地,学问上,有系统地

1. Write down 3 things that you are thankful for

Recent research found that writing down 3 things that you are grateful for each week improves your mood 1  and makes you feel more optimistic.

1) mood:n.心情,情绪,心地,兴致

  Try doing this every Sunday night to boost 1  your mood 2  for the week ahead.

1) boost:n.提高;推动;v.举;推动

2) mood:n.心情,情绪,心地,兴致

2. Look at the stars

If you feel withdrawn and unhappy, look at the stars on a clear night. A study found that people who have recently felt in awe 1  are more likely to feel curious about the world, and they are more likely to behave generously towards other people.

1) awe:v.敬畏

3. Spend time outside

Feeling stressed? Spend time outside – one study found that people have lower levels of stress hormones 1  after spending time outside.

1) hormones:(hormone) n.荷尔蒙;激素

4. Act like you’re happy ( even ifeven if 1  you’re not)

1) even if:即使,尽管,纵然

Fake 1  it until you make it – UC Riverside psychologists 2  found that people who feel trapped be negative 3  thoughts can benefit from just one positive 4  thought, as it spurred 5  them on to be more proactive 6  in their search for happiness.

1) Fake:n.假货,膺品 a.假的

2) psychologists:(psychologist) n.心理学者

3) negative:a.负的,阴性的

4) positive:a.正的;阳性的

5) spurred:(spur) n.刺激物 vt.刺激

6) proactive:〈心理〉前摄的

5. Meditate 1

1) Meditate:vt.沉思,冥想,反省

If you feel unhappy, consider trying a yoga 1  lesson.

1) yoga:n.瑜珈

  Lots of studies have found that meditation 1  can help to lessen 2  feelings of depression and anxiety.

1) meditation:n.沉思,冥想

2) lessen:vt.减少 vi.变少

6. Read an adventure story

If you are feeling sad, pick up a copy of Harry 1  Potter.

1) Harry:v.掠夺,骚扰

  A study from 2012 found that simply reading about someone else’s awesome adventures makes you feel less stressed and more satisfied.

7. Listen to sad music

This may seem counter-intuitive, but many studies have found that listening to sad music is linked to increased happiness.

8. Go for a walk in nature

If you live near a forest or a wood, talk a walk for increased levels of happiness. A study published last year found that people who walked in nature for 90 minutes had fewer negative 1  thoughts about themselves.

1) negative:a.负的,阴性的

9. Set goals

If you want to be happier, goal setting will help you. It makes you more self-aware and proactive 1  – and accomplishing a goal will make you feel amazing.

1) proactive:〈心理〉前摄的

10. Journal 1  your feelings

1) Journal:n.日报,杂志;日志

Science has found that journalling 1  helps you to clarify your feelings and solve problems quickly.

1) journalling:(journal) n.日报,杂志;日志

  Try journaling 1  after a hard day to help you to unwind 2  and de-stress.

1) journaling:(journal) n.日报,杂志;日志

2) unwind:vt.展开

11. Spend money on others

After a tough day it is tempting 1  to treat yourself, but research shows that you’ll feel happier if you spend the money on someone else.

1) tempting:a.诱惑人的

  Consider treating a stranger or co-worker to a coffee or lunch next time you are feeling low.

12. Visit local attractions

A study that examined life satisfaction found that people who attended plays, museums and clubs had lower levels of anxiety and depression than the people who didn’t. Try a free class in your city if you want to boost 1  your levels of happiness.

1) boost:n.提高;推动;v.举;推动

13. Learn a skill

Learning a new skill is great for your happiness levels; it occupies your mind and makes you more productive 1 , and you will feel great when you have a new talent under your belt.

1) productive:a.生产的;丰饶的

14. Eat your lunch on the beach

If you are unhappy when you are at work, try eating your lunch at the beach or park. Studies have found this will make you feel happier and more positive 1  during the rest of your working day.

1) positive:a.正的;阳性的

15. Drink coffee

Good news for coffee lovers 1  – caffeine 2  boosts 3  your alertness 4  and improves your mood 5 , so it is a great pick-me-up 6  for anyone who is feeling tired and stressed.

1) lovers:(lover) n.爱好者;情侣

2) caffeine:n.咖啡因,茶精(兴奋剂)

3) boosts:(boost) n.提高;推动;v.举;推动

4) alertness:n.警戒,机敏

5) mood:n.心情,情绪,心地,兴致

6) pick-me-up:n.含酒精饮料,提神酒,鸡尾酒


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