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CEO Tim Cook, inaugurating 1)  the Steve 2)  Jobs Theater 3)  on Apple's new campus 4) , introduced the device to do it: the iPhone X (pronounced "10").

1) inaugurating:(inaugurate) vt.开始;使就职

2) Steve:史蒂夫(男名)

3) Theater:n.戏院

4) campus:n.校园,大学教育

"We do have 'one more thing,'" Cook said, echoing the famous line Jobs had uttered 1)  time and again at product unveilings 2)  over the years.

1) uttered:(utter) a.完全的,彻底的

2) unveilings:(unveiling) adj.揭幕的   

"We have great respect for these words and we don't use them lightly."

A decade after the first iPhone's 2007 unveiling 1) , "it is only fitting that we are here in this place, on this day, to reveal 2)  a product that will set the path of technology for the next decade," Cook said during the nearly-two hour presentation, calling the iPhone X, "the biggest leap forward since the original 3)  iPhone."

1) unveiling:adj.揭幕的

2) reveal:vt.展现;揭示,揭露

3) original:a.最初的;新颖的

Priced starting at $999, Apple's new flagship 1)  iPhone crams 2)  the company's sharpest-ever, 5.8-inch screen inside a body that's smaller than last year's iPhone 7 Plus.

1) flagship:n.旗舰

2) crams:(cram) v.填塞,塞满

  The new gadget 1)  supports wireless charging  for the first timefor the first time 2)  and features a new Apple-designed chip 3)  called the A11 Bionic.

1) gadget:n.小配件,小玩意,诡计

2) for the first time:第一次,首次

3) chip:n.薄片,碎片;芯片;筹码

Oh, and the iconic 1)  home button that's sat at the bottom of the screen since the first iPhone is now gone.

1) iconic:a.画像的;肖像的;因袭的   

In its place is new facial recognition 1)  technology called Face ID, which unlocks the device 2)  using sensors and cameras that Apple collectively 3)  calls "TrueDepth."

1) recognition:n.认出,识别;重视

2) device:n.装置;手段

3) collectively:ad.集体地;共同地   

Apple says FaceID is more secure than the Touch ID fingerprint 1)  recognition 2)  used on its other iPhones.

1) fingerprint:n.手指印

2) recognition:n.认出,识别;重视

Apple will begin taking preorders 1)  for the iPhone X on Oct. 27 ,

1) preorders:(preorder) 预售   

and it expects the phone to hit store shelves Nov. 3.

Along side the iPhone X are the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which use many of the same chips and cameras.

The company also introduced two new successors 1)  to last year's iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

1) successors:(successor) n.继承者,接任者   

Instead of following its usual strategy 1)  of adding an S to the names of updated 2)  models, Apple is calling the new versions the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, because, Cook said, "This is a huge step forward for iPhone."

1) strategy:n.策略,战略 2) updated:最新的,更新的

The new iPhone includes an upgraded 1)  chip 2) , called the A11 Bionic, which offers 30 percent faster visuals than last year's A10, Apple said.

1) upgraded:(Upgrade) v.升级,提高质量

2) chip:n.薄片,碎片;芯片;筹码

  The phone also has faster chips designed for quicker autofocus, better low light photos and augmented 1)  reality apps, which overlay 2)  computer images 3)  onto the real world.

1) augmented:a.增加的;增大的

2) overlay:覆盖,重叠,覆,盖

3) images:(image) n.像;形象;映象

Perhaps the biggest change is the inclusion 1)  of Qi, a wireless charging standard that means people can charge an iPhone merely by placing it on a specialized 2)  mat in an airport, cafe or car.

1) inclusion:n.包含,内含物

2) specialized:a.专门的

The iPhone 8 is priced starting at $699, and the larger iPhone 8 Plus costs $799, both $50 more than last year's models, though Apple did double the amount of storage for those prices. The phones will be available Sept. 22. Preorders 1)  through Apple's website start this Friday, Sept.15.

1) Preorders:(preorder)预售

No matter what people think of the design or tech specs 1) , Apple actually doesn't need to wow anyone with the iPhone for the device 2)  to be a hit.

1) specs:n.眼镜;说明书

2) device:n.装置;手段

The company's well-regarded iOS software and hardware have helped make Apple one of the world's biggest and most profitable 1)  companies.

1) profitable:a.有利的;有益的

Thanks in large part to the iPhone, which  accounted foraccounted for 1)  nearly two-thirds of its revenue 2)  last year, Apple has more than $250 billion in cash, which makes it worth more than  all butall but 3)  45 of the world's richest countries.

1) account for:说明;占…

2) revenue:n.收入;收入数目

3) all but:几乎,差不多;除…外全都

The iPhone isn't just the single most successful phone in the world. The technologies Apple adopts and the ideas it builds into the phone set the tone 1)  for the entire tech industry.

1) tone:n.色调,光度;风气

Consider the App Store, opened in 2008 with the release of the iPhone 3G.The store created a boom that's helped spawn 1)  some of the world's largest companies, including ride-hailing giants Uber 2)  and Lyft 3) .

1) spawn:n.(鱼等)卵子,v.大量产卵,大量生产

2) Uber: 优步

3) Lyft:打车软件

Entire industries, from health to education to communications, have also been remade.

With the iPhone X, Apple is hoping to strike a similar note. The company is positioning the gadget 1)  as the biggest change since the first iPhone.

1) gadget:n.小配件,小玩意,诡计   

The inclusion 1)  of augmented 2)  reality apps, for instance, taps into one of the hottest trends in tech today.

1) inclusion:n.包含,内含物

2) augmented:a.增加的;增大的   


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