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"You are drunk!" shouts the barman 1  of the Groggy 2  Doggie 3  Pub, at Paddy, who just has slipped gradually onto the confound 4  again.

1) barman:n.酒保

2) Groggy:adj.体弱的,不稳的

3) Doggie:n.小狗,狗,汪汪

4) confound:v.混淆;使混乱;挫败


"I'm not drunk at all!" insists Paddy, picking himself up. "In fact, I'm not even drunk a little bit, and I'll prove it to you. Now, you see that cat just coming in the entrance? Well, it has only got one eye."

"You're drunker than I thought," says the barman 1 .

1) barman:n.酒保

  "That cat is going out!"

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