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After a ship sank in the ocean, three men ended up stranded 1  in a lifeboat. They floated 2  around for days without food or water. One afternoon a bottle floated 2   up toup to  the boat.  

1) stranded:adj.搁浅的,进退两难的

2) floated:(float) v.漂浮;注满;散播

The men grabbed the bottle and when they pulled the cork 1  out of the bottle, a genie appeared.'I'll grant 2  each of you a single wish,' said the genie.'I wish I was home,' said the first man. Then, poof 3 ! he disappeared.'I wish I was home, too,' said the second man. Poof 3 ! He disappeared too.The third man looked around.' Gee 4 , I'm kind of lonely,' he said.' I wish my friends were here with me.'

1) cork:n.软木塞,软木;瓶塞

2) grant:n.授予物,拨款

3) poof:n.吹息蜡烛的声音

4) Gee:n.马,家伙;哎呀

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