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[ Chapter 10 ]

- the little prince visits the king

He found himself in the neighborhood of the asteroids 325





and 330. He began


by visiting them

in order to add to his knowledge.

The first of them was inhabited by a king. Clad in royal purple and ermine

he was seated upon a throne which was at the same time both simple and majestic.

Ah! Here is a subject

exclaimed the king

when he saw the little prince coming.

And the little prince asked himself:

How could he recognize me when he had never seen me before?

He did not know how the world is simplified for kings. To them

all men are subjects.


so that I may see you better

said the king

who felt consumingly proud of being at last a king over somebody.

The little prince looked everywhere to find a place to sit down; but the entire planet was crammed and obstructed by the king's magnificent ermine robe. So he remained standing upright


since he was tired

he yawned.

It is contrary to etiquette to yawn in the presence of a king

the monarch said to him. "I forbid you to do so."

I can't help it. I can't stop myself

replied the little prince

thoroughly embarrassed. "I have come on a long journey

and I have had no sleep..."



the king said. "I order you to yawn. It is years since I have seen anyone yawning. Yawns

to me

are objects of curiosity. Come

now! Yawn again! It is an order."

That frightens me... I cannot

any more...

murmured the little prince

now completely abashed.

Hum! Hum!

replied the king. "Then I-- I order you sometimes to yawn and sometimes to--"

He sputtered a little

and seemed vexed.

For what the king fundamentally insisted upon was that his authority should be respected. He tolerated no disobedience. He was an absolute monarch. But

because he was a very good man

he made his orders reasonable.

If I ordered a general

he would say

by way of example

if I ordered a general to change himself into a sea bird

and if the general did not obey me

that would not be the fault of the general. It would be my fault.

May I sit down?

came now a timid inquiry from the little prince.

I order you to do so

the king answered him

and majestically gathered in a fold of his ermine mantle.

But the little prince was wondering... The planet was tiny. Over what could this king really rule?


he said to him

I beg that you will excuse my asking you a question--

I order you to ask me a question

the king hastened to assure him.

Sire-- over what do you rule?

Over everything

said the king

with magnificent simplicity.

Over everything?

The king made a gesture

which took in his planet

the other planets

and all the stars.

Over all that?

asked the little prince.

Over all that

the king answered.

For his rule was not only absolute: it was also universal.

And the stars obey you?

Certainly they do

the king said. "They obey instantly. I do not permit insubordination."

Such power was a thing for the little prince to marvel at. If he had been master of such complete authority

he would have been able to watch the sunset

not forty-four times in one day

but seventy-two

or even a hundred

or even two hundred times

with out ever having to move his chair. And because he felt a bit sad as he remembered his little planet which he had forsaken

he plucked up his courage to ask the king a favor:

I should like to see a sunset... do me that kindness... Order the sun to set...

If I ordered a general to fly from one flower to another like a butterfly

or to write a tragic drama

or to change himself into a sea bird

and if the general did not carry out the order that he had received

which one of us would be in the wrong?

the king demanded. "The general

or myself?"


said the little prince firmly.

Exactly. One much require from each one the duty which each one can perform

the king went on. "Accepted authority rests first of all on reason. If you ordered your people to go and throw themselves into the sea

they would rise up in revolution. I have the right to require obedience because my orders are reasonable."

Then my sunset?

the little prince reminded him: for he never forgot a question once he had asked it.

You shall have your sunset. I shall command it. But

according to my science of government

I shall wait until conditions are favorable.

When will that be?

inquired the little prince.

Hum! Hum!

replied the king; and before saying anything else he consulted a bulky almanac. "Hum! Hum! That will be about-- about-- that will be this evening about twenty minutes to eight. And you will see how well I am obeyed."

The little prince yawned. He was regretting his lost sunset. And then


he was already beginning to be a little bored.

I have nothing more to do here

he said to the king. "So I shall set out on my way again."

Do not go

said the king

who was very proud of having a subject. "Do not go. I will make you a Minister!"

Minister of what?

Minster of-- of Justice!

But there is nobody here to judge!

We do not know that

the king said to him. "I have not yet made a complete tour of my kingdom. I am very old. There is no room here for a carriage. And it tires me to walk."


but I have looked already!

said the little prince

turning around to give one more glance to the other side of the planet. On that side

as on this

there was nobody at all...

Then you shall judge yourself

the king answered. "that is the most difficult thing of all. It is much more difficult to judge oneself than to judge others. If you succeed in judging yourself rightly

then you are indeed a man of true wisdom."


said the little prince

but I can judge myself anywhere. I do not need to live on this planet.

Hum! Hum!" said the king. "I have good reason to believe that somewhere on my planet there is an old rat. I hear him at night. You can judge this old rat. From time to time you will condemn him to death. Thus his life will depend on your justice. But you will pardon him on each occasion; for he must be treated thriftily. He is the only one we have."


replied the little prince

do not like to condemn anyone to death. And now I think I will go on my way.


said the king.

But the little prince

having now completed his preparations for departure

had no wish to grieve the old monarch.

If Your Majesty wishes to be promptly obeyed

he said

he should be able to give me a reasonable order. He should be able

for example

to order me to be gone by the end of one minute. It seems to me that conditions are favorable...

As the king made no answer

the little prince hesitated a moment. Then

with a sigh

he took his leave.

I made you my Ambassador

the king called out


He had a magnificent air of authority.

The grown-ups are very strange

the little prince said to himself

as he continued on his journey.

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[ Chapter 11 ]

- the little prince visits the conceited man

The second planet was inhabited by a conceited man.

Ah! Ah! I am about to receive a visit from an admirer!

he exclaimed from afar

when he first saw the little prince coming.


to conceited men

all other men are admirers.

Good morning

said the little prince. "That is a queer hat you are wearing."

It is a hat for salutes

the conceited man replied. "It is to raise in salute when people acclaim me. Unfortunately

nobody at all ever passes this way."


said the little prince

who did not understand what the conceited man was talking about.

Clap your hands

one against the other

the conceited man now directed him.

The little prince clapped his hands. The conceited man raised his hat in a modest salute.

This is more entertaining than the visit to the king

the little prince said to himself. And he began again to clap his hands

one against the other. The conceited man against raised his hat in salute.

After five minutes of this exercise the little prince grew tired of the game's monotony.

And what should one do to make the hat come down?

he asked.

But the conceited man did not hear him. Conceited people never hear anything but praise.

Do you really admire me very much?

he demanded of the little prince.

What does that mean-- 'admire'?

To admire mean that you regard me as the handsomest

the best-dressed

the richest

and the most intelligent man on this planet.

But you are the only man on your planet!

Do me this kindness. Admire me just the same.

I admire you

said the little prince

shrugging his shoulders slightly

but what is there in that to interest you so much?

And the little prince went away.

The grown-ups are certainly very odd

he said to himself

as he continued on his journey.

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[ Chapter 12 ]

- the little prince visits the tippler

The next planet was inhabited by a tippler. This was a very short visit

but it plunged the little prince into deep dejection.

What are you doing there?

he said to the tippler

whom he found settled down in silence before a collection of empty bottles and also a collection of full bottles.

I am drinking

replied the tippler

with a lugubrious air.

Why are you drinking?

demanded the little prince.

So that I may forget

replied the tippler.

Forget what?

inquired the little prince

who already was sorry for him.

Forget that I am ashamed

the tippler confessed

hanging his head.

Ashamed of what?

insisted the little prince

who wanted to help him.

Ashamed of drinking!

The tippler brought his speech to an end

and shut himself up in an impregnable silence.

And the little prince went away


The grown-ups are certainly very

very odd

he said to himself

as he continued on his journey.

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[ Chapter 13 ]

- the little prince visits the businessman

The fourth planet belonged to a businessman. This man was so much occupied that he did not even raise his head at the little prince's arrival.

Good morning

the little prince said to him. "Your cigarette has gone out."

Three and two make five. Five and seven make twelve. Twelve and three make fifteen. Good morning. Fifteen and seven make twenty-two. Twenty-two and six make twenty-eight. I haven't time to light it again. Twenty-six and five make thirty-one. Phew! Then that makes five-hundred-and-one-million



Five hundred million what?

asked the little prince.

Eh? Are you still there? Five-hundred-and-one million-- I can't stop... I have so much to do! I am concerned with matters of consequence. I don't amuse myself with balderdash. Two and five make seven...

Five-hundred-and-one million what?

repeated the little prince

who never in his life had let go of a question once he had asked it.

The businessman raised his head.

During the fifty-four years that I have inhabited this planet

I have been disturbed only three times. The first time was twenty-two years ago

when some giddy goose fell from goodness knows where. He made the most frightful noise that resounded all over the place

and I made four mistakes in my addition. The second time

eleven years ago

I was disturbed by an attack of rheumatism. I don't get enough exercise. I have no time for loafing. The third time-- well

this is it! I was saying


five -hundred-and-one millions--

Millions of what?

The businessman suddenly realized that there was no hope of being left in peace until he answered this question.

Millions of those little objects

he said

which one sometimes sees in the sky.



no. Little glittering objects.



no. Little golden objects that set lazy men to idle dreaming. As for me

I am concerned with matters of consequence. There is no time for idle dreaming in my life.

Ah! You mean the stars?


that's it. The stars.

And what do you do with five-hundred millions of stars?

Five-hundred-and-one million

six-hundred-twenty-two thousand

seven-hundred-thirty-one. I am concerned with matters of consequence: I am accurate.

And what do you do with these stars?

What do I do with them?


Nothing. I own them.

You own the stars?


But I have already seen a king who--

Kings do not own

they reign over. It is a very different matter.

And what good does it do you to own the stars?

It does me the good of making me rich.

And what good does it do you to be rich?

It makes it possible for me to buy more stars

if any are ever discovered.

This man

the little prince said to himself

reasons a little like my poor tippler...


he still had some more questions.

How is it possible for one to own the stars?

To whom do they belong?

the businessman retorted


I don't know. To nobody.

Then they belong to me

because I was the first person to think of it.

Is that all that is necessary?

Certainly. When you find a diamond that belongs to nobody

it is yours. When you discover an island that belongs to nobody

it is yours. When you get an idea before any one else

you take out a patent on it: it is yours. So with me: I own the stars

because nobody else before me ever thought of owning them.


that is true

said the little prince. "And what do you do with them?"

I administer them

replied the businessman. "I count them and recount them. It is difficult. But I am a man who is naturally interested in matters of consequence."

The little prince was still not satisfied.

If I owned a silk scarf

he said

I could put it around my neck and take it away with me. If I owned a flower

I could pluck that flower and take it away with me. But you cannot pluck the stars from heaven...

No. But I can put them in the bank.

Whatever does that mean?

That means that I write the number of my stars on a little paper. And then I put this paper in a drawer and lock it with a key.

And that is all?

That is enough

said the businessman.

It is entertaining

thought the little prince. "It is rather poetic. But it is of no great consequence."

On matters of consequence

the little prince had ideas which were very different from those of the grown-ups.

I myself own a flower

he continued his conversation with the businessman

which I water every day. I own three volcanoes

which I clean out every week (for I also clean out the one that is extinct; one never knows). It is of some use to my volcanoes

and it is of some use to my flower

that I own them. But you are of no use to the stars...

The businessman opened his mouth

but he found nothing to say in answer. And the little prince went away.

The grown-ups are certainly altogether extraordinary

he said simply

talking to himself as he continued on his journey.

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[ Chapter 14 ]

- the little prince visits the lamplighter

The fifth planet was very strange. It was the smallest of all. There was just enough room on it for a street lamp and a lamplighter. The little prince was not able to reach any explanation of the use of a street lamp and a lamplighter

somewhere in the heavens

on a planet which had no people

and not one house. But he said to himself


It may well be that this man is absurd. But he is not so absurd as the king

the conceited man

the businessman

and the tippler. For at least his work has some meaning. When he lights his street lamp

it is as if he brought one more star to life

or one flower. When he puts out his lamp

he sends the flower

or the star

to sleep. That is a beautiful occupation. And since it is beautiful

it is truly useful.

When he arrived on the planet he respectfully saluted the lamplighter.

Good morning. Why have you just put out your lamp?

Those are the orders

replied the lamplighter. "Good morning."

What are the orders?

The orders are that I put out my lamp. Good evening.

And he lighted his lamp again.

But why have you just lighted it again?

Those are the orders

replied the lamplighter.

I do not understand

said the little prince.

There is nothing to understand

said the lamplighter. "Orders are orders. Good morning."

And he put out his lamp.

Then he mopped his forehead with a handkerchief decorated with red squares.

I follow a terrible profession. In the old days it was reasonable. I put the lamp out in the morning

and in the evening I lighted it again. I had the rest of the day for relaxation and the rest of the night for sleep.

And the orders have been changed since that time?

The orders have not been changed

said the lamplighter. "That is the tragedy! From year to year the planet has turned more rapidly and the orders have not been changed!"

Then what?

asked the little prince.

Then-- the planet now makes a complete turn every minute

and I no longer have a single second for repose. Once every minute I have to light my lamp and put it out!

That is very funny! A day lasts only one minute

here where you live!

It is not funny at all!

said the lamplighter. "While we have been talking together a month has gone by."

A month?


a month. Thirty minutes. Thirty days. Good evening.

And he lighted his lamp again.

As the little prince watched him

he felt that he loved this lamplighter who was so faithful to his orders. He remembered the sunsets which he himself had gone to seek

in other days

merely by pulling up his chair; and he wanted to help his friend.

You know

he said

I can tell you a way you can rest whenever you want to...

I always want to rest

said the lamplighter.

For it is possible for a man to be faithful and lazy at the same time.

The little prince went on with his explanation:

Your planet is so small that three strides will take you all the way around it. To be always in the sunshine

you need only walk along rather slowly. When you want to rest

you will walk-- and the day will last as long as you like.

That doesn't do me much good

said the lamplighter. "The one thing I love in life is to sleep."

Then you're unlucky

said the little prince.

I am unlucky

said the lamplighter. "Good morning."

And he put out his lamp.

That man

said the little prince to himself

as he continued farther on his journey

that man would be scorned by all the others: by the king

by the conceited man

by the tippler

by the businessman. Nevertheless he is the only one of them all who does not seem to me ridiculous. Perhaps that is because he is thinking of something else besides himself.

He breathed a sigh of regret

and said to himself


That man is the only one of them all whom I could have made my friend. But his planet is indeed too small. There is no room on it for two people...

What the little prince did not dare confess was that he was sorry most of all to leave this planet

because it was blest every day with 1440 sunsets!

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[ Chapter 15 ]

- the little prince visits the geographer

The sixth planet was ten times larger than the last one. It was inhabited by an old gentleman who wrote voluminous books.


look! Here is an explorer!

he exclaimed to himself when he saw the little prince coming.

The little prince sat down on the table and panted a little. He had already traveled so much and so far!

Where do you come from?

the old gentleman said to him.

What is that big book?

said the little prince. "What are you doing?"

I am a geographer

the old gentleman said to him.

What is a geographer?

asked the little prince.

A geographer is a scholar who knows the location of all the seas




and deserts.

That is very interesting

said the little prince. "Here at last is a man who has a real profession!" And he cast a look around him at the planet of the geographer. It was the most magnificent and stately planet that he had ever seen.

Your planet is very beautiful

he said. "Has it any oceans?"

I couldn't tell you

said the geographer.


The little prince was disappointed. "Has it any mountains?"

I couldn't tell you

said the geographer.

And towns

and rivers

and deserts?

I couldn't tell you that


But you are a geographer!


the geographer said. "But I am not an explorer. I haven't a single explorer on my planet. It is not the geographer who goes out to count the towns

the rivers

the mountains

the seas

the oceans

and the deserts. The geographer is much too important to go loafing about. He does not leave his desk. But he receives the explorers in his study. He asks them questions

and he notes down what they recall of their travels. And if the recollections of any one among them seem interesting to him

the geographer orders an inquiry into that explorer's moral character."

Why is that?

Because an explorer who told lies would bring disaster on the books of the geographer. So would an explorer who drank too much.

Why is that?

asked the little prince.

Because intoxicated men see double. Then the geographer would note down two mountains in a place where there was only one.

I know some one

said the little prince

who would make a bad explorer.

That is possible. Then

when the moral character of the explorer is shown to be good

an inquiry is ordered into his discovery.

One goes to see it?

No. That would be too complicated. But one requires the explorer to furnish proofs. For example

if the discovery in question is that of a large mountain

one requires that large stones be brought back from it.

The geographer was suddenly stirred to excitement.

But you-- you come from far away! You are an explorer! You shall describe your planet to me!


having opened his big register

the geographer sharpened his pencil. The recitals of explorers are put down first in pencil. One waits until the explorer has furnished proofs

before putting them down in ink.


said the geographer expectantly.


where I live

said the little prince

it is not very interesting. It is all so small. I have three volcanoes. Two volcanoes are active and the other is extinct. But one never knows.

One never knows

said the geographer.

I have also a flower.

We do not record flowers

said the geographer.

Why is that? The flower is the most beautiful thing on my planet!

We do not record them

said the geographer

because they are ephemeral.

What does that mean-- 'ephemeral'?


said the geographer

are the books which

of all books

are most concerned with matters of consequence. They never become old-fashioned. It is very rarely that a mountain changes its position. It is very rarely that an ocean empties itself of its waters. We write of eternal things.

But extinct volcanoes may come to life again

the little prince interrupted. "What does that mean-- 'ephemeral'?"

Whether volcanoes are extinct or alive

it comes to the same thing for us

said the geographer. "The thing that matters to us is the mountain. It does not change."

But what does that mean-- 'ephemeral'?

repeated the little prince

who never in his life had let go of a question

once he had asked it.

It means

'which is in danger of speedy disappearance.'

Is my flower in danger of speedy disappearance?

Certainly it is.

My flower is ephemeral

the little prince said to himself

and she has only four thorns to defend herself against the world. And I have left her on my planet

all alone!

That was his first moment of regret. But he took courage once more.

What place would you advise me to visit now?

he asked.

The planet Earth

replied the geographer. "It has a good reputation."

And the little prince went away

thinking of his flower.

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[ Chapter 16 ]

- the narrator discusses the Earth's lamplighters

So then the seventh planet was the Earth.

The Earth is not just an ordinary planet! One can count

there 111 kings (not forgetting

to be sure

the Negro kings among them)

7000 geographers


000 businessmen



000 tipplers



000 conceited men-- that is to say

about 2



000 grown-ups.

To give you an idea of the size of the Earth

I will tell you that before the invention of electricity it was necessary to maintain

over the whole of the six continents

a veritable army of 462

511 lamplighters for the street lamps.

Seen from a slight distance

that would make a splendid spectacle. The movements of this army would be regulated like those of the ballet in the opera. First would come the turn of the lamplighters of New Zealand and Australia. Having set their lamps alight

these would go off to sleep. Next

the lamplighters of China and Siberia would enter for their steps in the dance

and then they too would be waved back into the wings. After that would come the turn of the lamplighters of Russia and the Indies; then those of Africa and Europe

then those of South America; then those of South America; then those of North America. And never would they make a mistake in the order of their entry upon the stage. It would be magnificent.

Only the man who was in charge of the single lamp at the North Pole

and his colleague who was responsible for the single lamp at the South Pole-- only these two would live free from toil and care: they would be busy twice a year.

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[ Chapter 17 ]

- the little prince makes the acquaintance of the snake

When one wishes to play the wit

he sometimes wanders a little from the truth. I have not been altogether honest in what I have told you about the lamplighters. And I realize that I run the risk of giving a false idea of our planet to those who do not k now it. Men occupy a very small place upon the Earth. If the two billion inhabitants who people its surface were all to stand upright and somewhat crowded together

as they do for some big public assembly

they could easily be put into one public square twenty miles long and twenty miles wide. All humanity could be piled up on a small Pacific islet.

The grown-ups

to be sure

will not believe you when you tell them that. They imagine that they fill a great deal of space. They fancy themselves as important as the baobabs. You should advise them


to make their own calculations. They adore fig ures

and that will please them. But do not waste your time on this extra task. It is unnecessary. You have

I know

confidence in me.

When the little prince arrived on the Earth

he was very much surprised not to see any people. He was beginning to be afraid he had come to the wrong planet

when a coil of gold

the color of the moonlight

flashed across the sand.

Good evening

said the little prince courteously.

Good evening

said the snake.

What planet is this on which I have come down?

asked the little prince.

This is the Earth; this is Africa

the snake answered.

Ah! Then there are no people on the Earth?

This is the desert. There are no people in the desert. The Earth is large

said the snake.

The little prince sat down on a stone

and raised his eyes toward the sky.

I wonder

he said

whether the stars are set alight in heaven so that one day each one of us may find his own again... Look at my planet. It is right there above us. But how far away it is!

It is beautiful

the snake said. "What has brought you here?"

I have been having some trouble with a flower

said the little prince.


said the snake.

And they were both silent.

Where are the men?

the little prince at last took up the conversation again. "It is a little lonely in the desert..."

It is also lonely among men

the snake said.

The little prince gazed at him for a long time.

You are a funny animal

he said at last. "You are no thicker than a finger..."

But I am more powerful than the finger of a king

said the snake.

The little prince smiled.

You are not very powerful. You haven't even any feet. You cannot even travel...

I can carry you farther than any ship could take you

said the snake.

He twined himself around the little prince's ankle

like a golden bracelet.

Whomever I touch

I send back to the earth from whence he came

the snake spoke again. "But you are innocent and true

and you come from a star..."

The little prince made no reply.

You move me to pity-- you are so weak on this Earth made of granite

the snake said. "I can help you

some day

if you grow too homesick for your own planet. I can--"

Oh! I understand you very well

said the little prince. "But why do you always speak in riddles?"

I solve them all

said the snake.

And they were both silent.

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[ Chapter 18 ]

- the little prince goes looking for men and meets a flower

The little prince crossed the desert and met with only one flower. It was a flower with three petals

a flower of no account at all.

Good morning

said the little prince.

Good morning

said the flower.

Where are the men?

the little prince asked


The flower had once seen a caravan passing.


she echoed. "I think there are six or seven of them in existence. I saw them

several years ago. But one never knows where to find them. The wind blows them away. They have no roots

and that makes their life very difficult."


said the little prince.


said the flower.

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[ Chapter 19 ]

- the little prince climbs a mountain range

After that

the little prince climbed a high mountain. The only mountains he had ever known were the three volcanoes

which came up to his knees. And he used the extinct volcano as a footstool. "From a mountain as high as this one

he said to himself

I shall be able to see the whole planet at one glance

and all the people..."

But he saw nothing

save peaks of rock that were sharpened like needles.

Good morning

he said courteously.

Good morning--Good morning--Good morning

answered the echo.

Who are you?

said the little prince.

Who are you--Who are you--Who are you?

answered the echo.

Be my friends. I am all alone

he said.

I am all alone--all alone--all alone

answered the echo.

What a queer planet!

he thought. "It is altogether dry

and altogether pointed

and altogether harsh and forbidding. And the people have no imagination. They repeat whatever one says to them... On my planet I had a flower; she always was the first to speak..."

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