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 FdmHtmBgn  Early stage Brexit talks deepen divergences between Britain, EU  FdmHtmEgn  [复制链接]

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Early stage Brexit talks deepen 1  divergences 2  between Britain, EU

1) deepen:vt.加深 vi.深化

2) divergences:(divergence) n.分歧

2017-07-20 17:50:31 GMT2017-07-21 01:50:31(Beijing Time) Xinhua English

BRUSSELS, July 20 (Xinhua) -- The European Union (EU) and Britain failed to bridge their differences on key Brexit issues 1 , including financial 2  settlements, jurisdiction 3  of overseas 4  citizens and the Northern Irish border, as the second round of negotiations 5  concluded here on Thursday.

1) issues:(issue) n.问题;发行;结果

2) financial:a.财政的,金融的

3) jurisdiction:n.司法权,审判权,管辖权

4) overseas:(oversea) a.海外的;国外的

5) negotiations:(negotiation) n.谈判

During talks, the 27 EU members put on a united front against a more seemingly 1  divided British cabinet 2 , led by Prime Minister Theresa May, who is currently under fire in her Conservative party and among the wider British public.

1) seemingly:ad.表面上,外表上

2) cabinet:n.橱,柜;顾问团,内阁

In a press conference, British Brexit Secretary David Davis 1  and his EU counterpart 2  Michel Barnier chose their words carefully in gauging 3  their divergences 4 .

1) Davis:n.戴维斯

2) counterpart:职务相当的人;对应物;相似之物;副本

3) gauging:放射性计测

4) divergences:(divergence) n.分歧

When it came to financial 1  settlements, Barnier underlined EU's stand with a tough tone 2 . "We want -- and we are working towards -- an orderly exit of the United Kingdom.

1) financial:a.财政的,金融的

2) tone:n.色调,光度;风气

  And an orderly exit requires the payment 1  of the accounts," said Barnier.

1) payment:n.支付,支付的款项

Davis 1 , for his part, sidestepped 2  a direct response 3  to Barnier, and instead emphasized 4  the obligations 5  of both sides.

1) Davis:n.戴维斯

2) sidestepped:(sidestep) n.横跨的一步,台阶;vt.横跨一步躲避,回避;vi.回避问题,躲避打击

3) response:n.作答,回答;响应

4) emphasized:(emphasize) vt.强调,着重

5) obligations:(obligation) n.义务,职责,责任

Hailing 1  the talks as "robust 2 " and "constructive 3 ," Davis 4  said the two sides recognized the importance of sorting out the obligations 5  that Britain and EU have to one another.

1) Hailing:(hail) vt.向…欢呼 vi.招呼

2) robust:adj.健壮的

3) constructive:a.建设性的,构造上的,作图的

4) Davis:n.戴维斯

5) obligations:(obligation) n.义务,职责,责任

"Ultimately 1  getting to a solution 2  will require flexibility 3  from both sides," he said.

1) Ultimately:ad.归根结底,最终

2) solution:n.解决,解答;溶解

3) flexibility:n.灵活性

Addressing the issue 1  of EU citizens' rights in Britain, Barnier said: "We are now moving in a common direction.

1) issue:n.问题;发行;结果

  But there remains a fundamental divergence 1  on how to guarantee these rights, and on several other points, such as the rights of future members of the family or the export of certain social benefits.

1) divergence:n.分歧


"Citizens must be able to find in the withdrawal 1  agreement itself the legal certainty 2  they need in their daily lives.

1) withdrawal:n.撤回;收回

2) certainty:n.必然;肯定

  And of course, any reference to European rights implies 1  its control by the Court of Justice of the European Union," he added.

1) implies:(imply) vt.暗示,意指

Davis 1  said he was pleased by the progress made thus far, and acknowledged divergences 2  were to be expected.

1) Davis:n.戴维斯

2) divergences:(divergence) n.分歧

"We have looked at each other's proposals 1  in depth and identified 2  many concrete areas where we agree as well as areas where there will be further discussion, which will be a priority 3  for the next round as Michel has said," he said.

1) proposals:(proposal) n.建议,提议,求婚

2) identified:经鉴定的

3) priority:n.先,前;优先,重点

"We agreed on the need for certainty 1  on the part of citizens both the EU and the UK.

1) certainty:n.必然;肯定

  We obviously have different views on how we achieve that," said Davis 1 .

1) Davis:n.戴维斯

A silver lining in the four-day talks was the two sides' "constructive 1 " talks over the Ireland border issue 2 .

1) constructive:a.建设性的,构造上的,作图的

2) issue:n.问题;发行;结果

Davis 1  said his hope to achieve "a flexible and imaginative 2  solution 3  to address the unique circumstances around the border" was echoed by the EU.

1) Davis:n.戴维斯

2) imaginative:a.想象的,虚构的

3) solution:n.解决,解答;溶解

However, that's where the silver lining stops. The EU said it needs to better understand how Britain intends on ensuring 1  the continuation 2  of cooperation between Ireland and Northern Ireland after Brexit which currently is embedded 3  in the common framework of EU law and policies.

1) ensuring:(ensure) vt.保证;保护;赋予

2) continuation:n.继续,续集,延长

3) embedded:嵌入的

It also wants Britain to clarify in the next session how it intends on maintaining 1  the common travel area after leaving the EU.

1) maintaining:维护保养


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